Bill made 2 great suggestions yesterday, but I dont understand them yet. Here is his reply to my posting yesterday:<BR><BR><BR><BR>I should note that I am going to be writing this script in Asp.Net, and that I am tied to an Access database. Well, I should say, I am doing this in one of my sites using SQL Server with ASP.NET, but I am going to need to port the code to Access for one of my employers in coming weeks. So I cannot start off by relying on some fancy SQL Server solution because it needs to be portable to Access.<BR><BR>Also, all of these applications are on shared servers run by independent hosting companies that do not grant all permissions to the many webmaster customers who use their shared hosting services. So I am not sure that I will have permissions that enable me to do what you suggest, even if I could write them in ASP.NET. (I was choosing this forum for my posting because I thought this was a SQL Server question and there are lots of SQL experts here.)<BR><BR>With all that said, can you explain what a background batch job is and how I change the TimeOut on an ASP.NET page?<BR><BR>And are these solutions viable given that I need to use shared hosting, I need to use ASP.NET, and I need the solution to be portable to Access?<BR><BR>Is there something else you would suggest instead, given this additional information I am providing?