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    Alright, let&#039;s see if you can follow this. Currently I have everything up and running but I am starting to think that I am "doing it" all wrong. I have about 6 totally different websites that I run off of my home server (Windows 2000 Advanced Server - IIS). Currently, I just have 1 Website created in my IIS settings. Then I have a folder within that Website directory for each of my other websites.<BR><BR>I then use ZoneEdit to point my different websites to the certain folder I want. For example, assume I have 3 websites (subdomains): Let&#039;s say my home IP address is<BR><BR>So I set zoneedit entries to forward to<BR><BR>And I set zonedit to forward to<BR><BR>And I set zoneedit to forward to<BR><BR>NOW... Here is what I would like to do and what I think I should be doing. I would like to set up 3 Websites in IIS and not use ZoneEdit at all. So I assume I should create the 3 websites in IIS and set the hostheaders appropriately. But then what nameservers do I use in my "domain Name" configuration? Currently, they point to zoneedits nameservers. Can I create my own nameservers at home? How do I accomplish that? <BR><BR>The reason I want to separate these into separate websites is to have separate logs for each website. If ANYONE understands this at all and has any comments please feel free! If you have some comments and would rather IM me about them, I use Yahoo Messenger "rknuppel" and AOL "rknuppel4"<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Ryan

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    Ok, you need a DNS server setup, you can install it locally on your machine to give you<BR><BR>Alternatively use port numbers for each site, i.e. not host headers but IP Ports on the same ip address.<BR><BR> (Site 1)<BR> (Site 2)<BR> (Site 3)<BR>

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