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    gr Guest

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    hi,<BR><BR>What is the component that must be installed in the server for using excel sheets in asp files? <BR><BR>thanx in advance<BR><BR>-gr

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    Niranjan Roy Guest

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    Hi!<BR>You just need to set the contentType<BR>and then use the usual connection object and the recordset.<BR><BR>Response.ContentType = "application/x-msexcel" <BR><BR>I hope this helps.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>email-- nroy@netacross.com

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    gr Guest

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    Hi niranjan,<BR><BR>Thanx for showing concern but if i do that it gives me an error saying:<BR><BR>"ActiveX component can&#039t create object: &#039CreateObject&#039 "<BR><BR>what do i do now.<BR>-gr<BR><BR>

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    Did you install Excel on the server?<BR>Maybe the Excel viewer can be used, but I think you need<BR>the real thing.

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    Alex Du Guest

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    I have the same problem, we tryed this , but it is working fine on local machine and does not work on a server.<BR>Can I use CreateObject function?

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