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    Hi all:<BR> I&#039;m trying to begin working with <BR> I have several web sites running in classic ASP which I have to update and maintain, so I decided to begin using Visual as my editor to familiarize myself with it as a first step and I’ll be doing some new projects in later. (I&#039;ve been using Macromedia Homesite 5.0 before)<BR>When using to work in my old ASP files I simply choose “Open a file” from the File menu.<BR>Since I usually work with several files in different folders at the same time I need to always see the full path of the file I working it somewhere, but with I just see the name of the file.<BR>Example: <BR> If I’m working in 2 files: “/mysite/contacts/default.asp” and “/mysite/faqs/default.asp”, I only see “default.asp”.<BR> If anyone can tell me how to display the full path it would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR> Ramon N. Gene<BR>

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    You need to setup a project file within Visual Studio for the web application that you are working on, then it will show the ProjectNamefile

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