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    Im having trouble with a user control, but more-so I&#039;m having an issue with the user control and codebehind. <BR><BR>Here is the problem. I have a very very simple user control. Its taking a value from a textbox and displaying it in a label after a button has been pushed. I am having a problem in VS.Net. I have the code embedded in an aspx page, but want to move it to a codebehind page. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Private Sub Page_Load(sender As Object,e as EventArgs)<BR><BR> lblMessage.Text = WebUserControl11.BackColor<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>It excecutes fine when it is embedded, but if it is in a code behind page it bombs on the usercontrol.backcolor <BR><BR>Could someone please give some insight on why this is happening, or what the exact difference is between embedding the code in script tags versus a code behind page? <BR>

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    Default you need the get the text attribute of your textbo

    Private Sub Page_Load(sender As Object,e as EventArgs)<BR><BR>lblMessage.Text = theNameOfYourTextBox.Text<BR><BR>End Sub

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    You need to declare all of your webControls in the code behind out side of any function like<BR><BR>protected lblMessage as label<BR>protected tbxColor as textBox<BR><BR>before you can reference them

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