how do i go about it.

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Thread: how do i go about it.

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    Abigail Guest

    Default how do i go about it.

    Hello, <BR>All my site were designed using HTML but i need to make this site to be database driven using ASP and Access2000. Do I need to reconstruct this site from the scratch or can i convert this site to ASP then design the database. I need urgent response, thanks alot.

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    JOEL M Guest

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    I feel your pain, I too am doing the same thing (it sucks), but what you will probably have to do is for the most part redisign the whole page because the retrieval of the records will cause you to have to work the asp into your current pages and that would just cause more headaches.<BR>it&#039s usually best to just cut and paste things like big paragraphs and then put in the asp as you go along

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