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    I have a hosting requirement which I am not quite sure on how to fulfill. I run a small UK based business <BR><BR>providing clients with a number of web based services (digital email signature, creation of PDF brochures, <BR><BR>invoicing suppliers etc). The volume of traffic is very low and is likely to remain so. The prgramming <BR><BR>environment is ASP.NET, XML, XSLT, SQL Server and VB.NET/JavaScript. My technical knowledge is limited and I <BR><BR>dont want to get too involved in this aspect as I want to concentrate on other aspects of my business. I <BR><BR>will be buying in Components, such as TallPDF to run on my server. What should I do?<BR><BR>Dedicated Server. I thinks it will cost me around £1000 to £2000 per annum ($1500 to $3000).<BR>Shared Hosting. I have to find a host who has the required Components installed on their servers. This <BR><BR>limits my choice in terms of future development should I want/need to provide new services to clients.<BR>Co-Location. But my own cheap server. Pay for bandwidth and management.<BR>Shared Hosting + VPN. Have the components installed on a server in my office and have clients access this <BR><BR>via a VPN and continue to have all other functionality with a host.<BR>Shared Hosting + Application Service Providers.<BR><BR>Are these my choices? If so which is the best option or have I not provided enough information regarding my <BR><BR>needs.<BR><BR>thanks in advance

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    If you are doing ASP.NET development, you can actually install components onto the server yourself. Just create a BIN folder in the root and put them there.<BR><BR>I actually use CrystalTech(.com) and was able to use the TallPDF component on there. I actually still have the component on the server, just can&#039;t find any pages (was going to give an example) -- I can throw something together if you want to see it.<BR><BR>But, as for normal ASP development, CrystalTech comes with a slew of components preinstalled. And, they have been adding various .NET controls, as well.<BR><BR>Why don&#039;t you shoot me an e-mail (dsetzer AT I can help you out with your business planning from there. I&#039;ve gone through the same kind of decisions myself. But, unlike you, I have a strong technical background. I may be able to help you handle the hosting aspect.

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