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    Hi,<BR><BR>We have added a search form using FrontPage to our site. (I&#039;d have preferred to use some other routine to search the site, but after hours of fruitless searching have concluded there aren&#039;t any out there!)<BR><BR>Anyhow, we&#039;re getting an Error 405 - Method Not Allowed whenever anyone tries to submit anything to the form. I understand the FrontPage server extensions are already installed - could anyone suggest what we need to look at next?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help

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    Hours? Why not use Google&#039;s search? You can limit it to a site.<BR><BR>What about Index Server? Comes as part of IIS5 and can be installed (I believe) into IIS4.<BR><BR>Both are much better than Frontpage.<BR><BR>However, the problem is probably because you&#039;re using "POST" onto a HTML page. POST by default isn&#039;t allowed to HTML pages. If you go into the site properties in IIS, you can see which "verbs" are allowed for different extensions.<BR><BR>Craig.

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