I am having a major problem in binding the RDS control to a grid. I am using a activex grid on a ASP page but i am not able to bind RDS to the grid. I have tried using both the properties i.e datasrc and datasource. Though while using datasrc property ( Design time or runtime ) though there is no error generated the grid does not display anything and if i use the datasource property then a error of "property not supported" is generated. This is the same with Sheridan DataGrid. <BR>SAMPLE CODE:<BR>After connecting to the database successfully using RDS control on the click of a button i am using the following code to bind to the grid(Farpoint) <BR> &#039DSpreadSheet1.DAutoCellTypes = True<BR> &#039DSpreadSheet1.DAutoHeadings = True<BR> &#039DSpreadSheet1.datasrc = "#adc1"<BR> &#039DSpreadSheet1.Refresh <BR><BR>Also when I bind the RDS control to a textbox then I can&#039t read a value that has been typed for new entry in the textbox so I can&#039t addnew or update any <BR>values , but I can do all this if I don&#039t bind the textbox to any RDS control.<BR>