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    Using FrontPage 2002 and MS Access;<BR><BR>I followed a tutorial on basic login thru a database from this url: <BR>http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;321439<BR> <BR> <BR>I made it work. Now im wondering if you could help me with, or point me to another resource that would teach me how to redirect a user to a certain webpage based upon their username.<BR> <BR>For example my tblUsers will be:<BR> <BR>UID<BR>------ <BR>A01 <BR>A02<BR>A03<BR>B01<BR>B02<BR>B03<BR> <BR> <BR>How do i use this script to redirect all users with A** to website X<BR>and all users with B** to website Y<BR> <BR>Is it possible?<BR><BR>If u can help, please contact me at <BR>e-mail: adam@methezine.com<BR>msn: nefariousbig@hotmail.com<BR>icq: 23733621

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