hey, wrong forum but it&#039;s the only forum i know, so if anyone knows a good "newbie javascript forum" let me know... I have some dynamically generated text boxes that contain integer number values. I am trying to write a javascript that "swaps" values in two fields. In other words, when the user enters the form, they may have 3 (or4,5,6,7...) text boxes with number values from 1 &#062; 3 (ordered list) representing the "number for the project". When a user wants to change the "order", they simple re-arrange these numbers and update. I have figured out the script that won&#039;t allow zero&#039;s, as well as won&#039;t allow any number hight than the number of forms. If there are 4 form fields (4 records), then the highest "order number" is four. I have that done. The part I can&#039;t figure out is this...When a user changes one of the numbers in the text box, we know for sure that the new number entered will "match" a number already in another text field in the form, i just want to "swap" these two values.. make sense...<BR>Here is what I am trying...<BR>if(formField.value &#062; 0){ //make sure it&#039;s a number<BR>for(x=0; x &#060; Projects_&#060;%=arrPro(0,i)%&#062;.elements.lengt h; x++){<BR> //loop through all the elements in the form to check other values<BR>if(formField.value == Projects_&#060;%=arrPro(0,i)%&#062;.elements[x].value){<BR>var y = Projects_&#060;%=arrPro(0,i)%&#062;.elements[x].value //asign value of current form item to y<BR>Projects_&#060;%=arrPro(0,i)%&#062;.elements[x].value = formField.value;<BR>formField.value = y //swap values<BR>formField.value = Projects_&#060;%=arrPro(0,i)%&#062;.elements[x].value;<BR> }<BR> }<BR>it&#039;s not working to say the least. i run this from the form fields onBlur<BR>thanks in advance