My question concerns the method discussed in the article Dynamic Controls in ASP.Net by Scott Mitchell:<BR><BR>In the article, Scott uses the Controls.Add method - Controls.Add(lblMessage) - cool! But what if you need to create an unknown amount of controls. I don&#039;t know how many lables I need to create. I need to loop through and create lblMesage1, lblMessage2...lblMessageN. <BR><BR>How do I dynamically create the variable name lblMessageN?<BR><BR>Incidently, I need to do this with a Repeater control and I don&#039;t know how many I&#039;ll need. I extract the main menu items from a database call and bind them to a Repeater. Then I am looping through the main menu items dataset to get the submenus of each item. It is here that I want to create a dynamic Repeater control without knowing how many submenu items each main menu item has nor how many items are in the main menu itself.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for ANY help here,<BR>Carolyn