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    Hi, I was wondering how most programmers handle people trying to go directly to another page instead of logining in first. <BR><BR>Example:<BR><BR>login.asp redirects to customerinfo.asp if the user logs in correctly. Now if someone tries to go directly into "customerinfo.asp" without loging in, do most people use "http_referer" or "sessions". <BR><BR>I just want to know the best practice.

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    In every page check for a sessionvariable, if the variable is not set, redirect to login.asp.<BR><BR>After a succesful login in login.asp set the sessionvar.

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    Default Cookies or Sessions...

    ...are probably the answer. This&#039;ll make your site more flexible.<BR><BR>Example:<BR><BR>You have ten pages which have to password secured.<BR><BR>If you use HTTP_REFERER, your users will have to log on every time that want to go to any of the ten pages, e.g. potentially up to ten times.<BR><BR>If you use cookies or session variables, the user logs in once, the cookie/session variable records the correct log in, and then your user can visit all ten pages without having to log in again.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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