Hi,<BR><BR>I need to return the result of a select statement along with some <BR>parameters from a stored procedure. This was no problem with ASP 3.0. I <BR>just opened a recordset and the parameters were passed along at the same <BR>time.<BR><BR>No, this does not seem to work any more. I tested with the following <BR>quite simple SP:<BR><BR>ALTER PROCEDURE global_application_start_orte<BR>(<BR>@intRowCount smallint output<BR>)<BR><BR>AS<BR>SET NOCOUNT ON<BR><BR>SELECT kennung,ort,kurzname FROM waslos_orte WITH (NOLOCK)<BR>SELECT @intRowCount = @@rowcount<BR><BR><BR>Can anyohne help me with that?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Wombel<BR><BR>