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    I am entering information insite a textbox.<BR>When I click a ADD Button the information entered in the text box should be added in to a dynamic table with checkboxes.<BR>I should modify the information displayed in the table.<BR><BR>Next I should submit all the information in the table when I click SUBMIT Button. When I check and click the DELETE Button the information checked in the table should get deleted.<BR><BR>This is a really urgent one..Please do help me<BR><BR>Thanking you.

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    Default two options

    1) Pay me to do your work<BR><BR>2) Try for yourself and ask specific questions when you run into problems

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    Default Urgent?

    The only way of doing "dynamic tables" is to use the DOM to dynamically create a table and enter it into a named division.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve done it before using a "template" division, some &#060;!-- --&#062; tags as placeholders, and the JavaScript string-handling functions to dynamically build a table based on the contents of a JavaScript array.<BR><BR>But if you&#039;re asking how to do this, it&#039;s not simple. And it&#039;s not going to get done "urgently". You need to have a good knowledge of JavaScript, DHTML and string-handling.<BR><BR>It would work though - clicking "Delete" could simply remove an entry from the array and then re-build the table. If the table had a form around it, clicking "submit" could easily submit the form and all its dynamic content...<BR><BR>What have you done - what exactly do you need help with?<BR><BR>Craig.

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