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    I want to submit a form to different pages depending on the value selected from a drop down, <BR>I&#039;ve picked up the values from the drop down, but I&#039;m stuck on the submit. I&#039;m calling the function onClick<BR><BR>function SubmitForm(){<BR> indexvalue = document.Filters.Reports.selectedIndex;<BR> textvalue = document.Filters.Reports.options[indexvalue].value;<BR> //alert("index ..."+ indexvalue+ "...Text ... "+textvalue);<BR> if (textvalue=="PS"){<BR> document.frmFilters.SubmitForm(&#039;Page1.asp&#03 9;) <BR> } <BR> else{<BR> document.frmFilters.SubmitForm(&#039;Page2.asp&#03 9;) <BR> } <BR> }<BR><BR>many thanks<BR>

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    function SubmitForm(){<BR>indexvalue = document.Filters.Reports.selectedIndex;<BR>textval ue = document.Filters.Reports.options[indexvalue].value;<BR>//alert("index ..."+ indexvalue+ "...Text ... "+textvalue);<BR>if (textvalue=="PS"){<BR> document.frmFilters.action = "Page1.asp";<BR> document.frmFilters.submit()<BR>} <BR>else{<BR> document.frmFilters.action = "Page2.asp";<BR> document.frmFilters.submit()<BR>} <BR>}<BR><BR>Craig.

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