I am looking for a way to break up a recordset loop in a couple ways. I am designing an app for a medical company with over 100 facilities, they monitor the amount of people in each facility and what insurance provider is paying for thier insurance. so My DB has each facility and 8 columns for diff types of insurance. I have a reporting tool that drops to html, then exports to excel with some advanced calculations in it. my problem is the corp office wants to login, and see each facility seperated out individually, same with distric managers, it&#039;s easy to do one facility, or all facilities in one list, but between that it&#039;s not so easy. I have a search page where they select a beginning date, and an end date for the query, then, there is a multiple selection list with all the facilities in it. This passes each facility ID through ex. facility=1&facility=2&facility=3 etc. so, first of all, I need to know how in SQL to read the multiple parameters for this facility value, and select only the facilities from the DB with an ID contained herein. then, when it prints out on the page, it will print the first facility in one table, then break and print my calculations in a table, then my next facility, break, then my calculations, then my next facility, etc. So 1. how do I get multiple values from one variable to recognize in SQL, then how do I break the loop when the ID changes to the next?<BR><BR>Any Help would be greatly appreciated.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Steve