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    Default Add to 1 Table in Multi-Table RS

    SELECT cust.cust_obj, order.order_obj, order.order_type, order.summary, order.comments <BR>FROM cust LEFT JOIN order ON cust.cust_obj=order.cust_obj; <BR><BR>Hi, <BR> This is a sample of what my query looks like to build the recordset. I get all the new orders for a customer via XML. The flow is as follows:<BR>1. Check if order exists.<BR>2. Update if needed.<BR>3. Add new orders.<BR>I use ASP and MS Access. <BR>How can I create new [order] records using this recordset that contains data from 2 tables ([cust] and [order])? ObjRS.AddNew wants to add records to both tables. I am trying to do all 3 steps while keeping the same RS open.<BR>Will appreciate advice? <BR>Thank you <BR>Christi- <BR>

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    Default You cant use .AddNew

    you have to open a new recordset of better yet just use an SQL<BR><BR>update table set column = whatever where whateverelse<BR><BR>

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