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    Can anyone give me some information regarding the image file size. I wish to know how to make the image as small as posible and still acceptable on the screen. I once found some reasonable size (300 x 200 with sevel colors)images on the web and their file size is only 6k. Their pictures looks so real. I wonder how ........

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    Kathy,<BR>JPEG is the usually format for web photos. It makes small file size because it compresses the image information by finding areas or uniformity, and summarizing the data. The file size can be reduced by increasing the compression, but there is a point where increasing the compression causes loss of image data and the picture quality degrades. The trick is to find that point.<BR><BR>Another way is to reduce the colour depth. Often high quality photos have 16milion colours. However some of those colours are so close that it doesn&#039t matter. <BR><BR>There are many good programs which can help you to optimise your images. I prefer Painshop Pro (5.1). It has many advanced features and I find it easier use than some of the other. There are also sites on the web to which you can submit images and they are returned to you optimised. Don&#039t know any address off the top of my head.<BR><BR>

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    You can go to the site to compress<BR>the image file. You have to register first.<BR>

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    I also use "Painshop Pro" from time to time. <BR><BR>I think you accidentally invented a better name for the product<BR>with your typo!<BR><BR>-- Skippie

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