Hello,<BR> <BR> I am in the process of building a business on-line. I am going to be a VAR for hardware and software, as well as build custom systems. I am currently building my website with Frontpage 2000. I can build the main structure as far as main pages and hyperlinks go. However, I can&#039t work with form returns or databases unless I sign on with a web host. I don&#039t really have a problem with that. The problem is that the host I am considering asked me if I needed Active Server Pages because they don&#039t provide the ability. They have mSQL and MYSQL databases. I will need something like a product database or similar and possibly a customer database. I am obviously hoping to have a similar site as www.buy.com or www.egghead.com. Whenever I navigate through thier pages I see that the link goes to a file such as *.asp. I have taken Pascal and started to learn C++, so I&#039m not opposed to learning a language. I am just on a budget and don&#039t have much time. If you could please let me know if I even need Active Server Pages or possibly if I don&#039t need them but would be better off with them, I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry if this seemed a little long.<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR>Gravs223@aol.com<BR>