I have 3 forms to allow users to input property details.<BR><BR>1st form works so i wont detail that here.<BR><BR>On the 2nd form i have a simple drop down box which lists types of room, a submit button, and a hidden field containing the propertyid (which is a session variable i created on the 1st form). When I select room type and click the submit button each entry gets saved to the db with the right propertyid.<BR>But i need to display the rooms that are added in an iframe on the page and have that iframe update when new rooms are added.<BR><BR>how should i go about that?<BR>my recordset which i use to populate the asp (which i call into the iframe) tests fine in dreamweaver when i manually enter the propertyid, so i&#039;m convinced the asp or the iframe isnt getting the propertyid <BR><BR>If that made sense to you, and if you&#039;ve got a bit of spare time and could help me work this problem out drop me an email at <BR>simonm@h3omedia.co.uk <BR><BR>many thanks <BR>Simon