I asked this a few months ago, and Doug had a possible solution, but we never got around to using it.<BR><BR>I know about DOM and SAX. I have a C++ COM dll that needs to extract an XML document... (I assume this means parser?) I just downloaded &#039;EXPAT&#039;, a program written in C to do this... only problem is it&#039;s about 5000 lines and not thread safe.<BR><BR>Amazon just delivered 2 books yesterday to me that I&#039;m paging through, but there are no tools/examples for C++ XML on a Windows platform (Only *nix).<BR><BR>Combing through Google comes up with many dead links.<BR><BR>I&#039;m kinda hesitant to use MS&#039; XML parser because I&#039;m not interested in using MFC AT ALL. I want to keep everything in STL/Custom libs code if I can...<BR><BR>So what tools do I need? How does VB do it? How does .Net do it?