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    In my ASP, I set Response.Expires=0 at the top of the document. It appears that this has an unwelcome side effect - My images aren&#039t cached. I don&#039t want my visitors to have to re-download my 10k logo everytime they visit my page. I&#039ve tried everything from including pre-caching my images using Javascript. I don&#039t want the page to cache as it is a forum and can change frequently.<BR><BR>Can anyone suggest a tidy/efficient way around this? I don&#039t really want to start including external html/asp source just to have my images cache if I can help it.<BR><BR>TIA.<BR>Leigh.<BR>

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    Have you thought about putting the logo into a frame at the top of the page, and only refreshing the bottom?<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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