I have a function that dynamically creates CheckBoxes:<BR><BR>void CreateCheckBox(string name)<BR>{<BR> CheckBox cb = new CheckBox();<BR> cb.ID = name;<BR> cb.AutoPostBack = true;<BR> FindControl("WebForm1").Controls.Add(cb);<BR> cb.CheckedChanged += new System.EventHandler(this.CheckBox_CheckedChanged); <BR>}<BR><BR>When the page first loads up (ie. before I even click on anything), there&#039;s a small yellow warning icon at the lower left hand corner of the IE window saying something like "errors exists that may prevent the page from properly displaying". Well, everything gets properly displayed on the page, but when I click on the checkbox, it doesnt postback.<BR><BR>However, when I comment out the "cb.AutoPostBack = true"<BR>I dont see the yellow warning icon anymore. (But I still cant use the Event Handler, of course).<BR><BR>My question is: Are we allowed to set the AutoPostBack property for controls that are created dynamically? I have done it with Button controls before and they work (because Buttons automatically postback no matter what). But what about other controls?