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    Hello. I have a question about a problem with passwords. My application uses an email address and a password for a login. It works fine. It is case sensitive. Recently, someone tried to login using a password consisting of a combination of upper and lower case letters such as PassWord. Their email address and password was registered in my database. After they had complained that they were not able to login, I tried to do so with their information contained in the database. Everything worked fine. Other than the fact that they are not matching the exact word and exact case (i.e. PassWord, and not Password or passWord, or some other such variation), are there any other issues that may account for them not being able to login? As I have said, my application seems to be working fine except for this case. Any and all ideas will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks

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    If you are checking the values in database like that, then yes it is case sensitive.<BR>A workaround is change everything to same case...<BR>Do your password request presuming a form?<BR><BR>strPassword = UCase(Request.Form("PasswordFormField"))<BR>this changes everything to all Upper case letters.<BR>so RussEll would become RUSSELL<BR><BR>Then in your query Where UCase(Members.PasswordFieldName) = &#039;"&strPassword&"&#039;<BR><BR>So if in Database you have RuSSell, It uses RUSSELL to compare with your String from form RUSSELL<BR><BR>See it?

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