Hi,<BR><BR>Im currently using a DataRepeater to display data from a Database. What i need to do is force a &#060; br &#062; to be added when there is a new line in the database, represented by chr(10)<BR><BR>I used to be able to do this easily in ASP, but in C# / ASP.Net im unsuccessfull in getting it to work.<BR><BR>At the moment i have tried creating a method which looks like this:<BR><BR> protected string News_Replace(object strArticle)<BR> {<BR> return Regex.Replace(strArticle, "Chr(10)", &#060; br &#062; );<BR> }<BR><BR>(The &#060; br &#062; is normally in quotes, but seeing as this forum likes to format it i have removed the quotes, Why does it do that ?)<BR><BR>And in the repeater:<BR><BR>&#060;%# Replace_News(DataBinder.Eval(Container, "DataItem.Article")) %&#062;<BR><BR>But thats not working...<BR><BR>Any Tips ?<BR><BR>Thanks