I am looking into a subscription service on my site. I will have a link like:<BR><BR>http://www.jimpixsearch.co.uk/v/d/pdf_launch.asp?ID=68<BR><BR>to take me to some sheet music in .PDF format<BR><BR>But all that the pdf_launch.asp page does is up the counter for that PDF and redirect the user to:<BR><BR>http://www.jimpixsearch.co.uk/v/d/pdf/unaccvla6fromvlnsuite.pdf<BR><BR>So obviously, even if the first page has a bit of code in saying that the user cannot view it without logging in, there is nothing to stop the user from keeping a record of any paths to the PDFs and accessing them anytime, even once the subscription is up. Do you know how I can get around this? <BR><BR>Thanks