I have an ever growwing list, of photos, from which I want to be able randomly display 1 each time a page is loaded. The script, below, displays only 1, then 2 then back to 1 again.<BR><BR> I am pretty new to ASP and this has me a little baffled. A suggestion was made to insert:<BR> Random=Cint((( ((counter-1)*counter ) * Rnd ) + 1) mod counter) + 1 <BR><BR> In place of:<BR> Random=Cint(counter-1 * Rnd)<BR><BR>I put that in but an error pointing to that (new) line came up. My boss is getting impatient so any help would be much appreciated.<BR><BR> Thank you<BR> Finn<BR> The script is below:<BR><BR><BR> &#060;% <BR> &#039randomizer<BR><BR> RandomGold.movefirst <BR><BR> counter=0<BR> Do while (not RandomGold.eof)<BR> RandomGold.Movenext<BR> counter=counter+1<BR> Loop<BR><BR> Randomize<BR> Random=Cint(counter-1 * Rnd)<BR> RandomGold.movefirst <BR><BR> For counter = 1 To (Random-1)<BR> RandomGold.Movenext<BR> Next<BR><BR> photolist=RandomGold.Fields("photolist")<BR> description=RandomGold.Fields("description")<BR><B R> if Instr(1,photolist, ",")=0 then photo=photolist<BR> <BR> else photo= Left(photolist, Instr(1,photolist, ",")-1)<BR> end if<BR><BR>%