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    I have an (classic) asp application that I&#039;m converting to In my old app I have a combo box which allows the user to select a person and get detailed information about that person. The page is self submitting using javascript. The data is displayed in a table that is built dynamically and pages through. How can I convert this to to have the same functionality, combo box filled from the db, when the user selects a person then a table or datagrid is then displayed for that person, and then pages through the records? If any one can point me to either a tutorial or example of this that would be great.<BR><BR> newbie<BR><BR>

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    You can populate the combo box much as you did in classic asp (cboBox.AddItem(), etc), but you&#039;ll probably want to use the DataGrid control to display all the specific info for that choice. Unfortunately, you&#039;ll need to familiarize yourself with some new concepts for data access (datasets, datareaders, etc), and a bunch of new concepts for data binding. Fortunately, there&#039;s a great tutorial on the DataGrid control, see:<BR><BR>For some help with data access, do a Google search on .net data access; there&#039;s lots of pages out there to help you out.<BR>

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