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Thread: I have the session Number, how do

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    Default I have the session Number, how do

    I force an action without a push from the client? Say, in response to a different stream.<BR><BR>I have a situation where an updateable page is locked and the turkey holding the lock is no longer connected. The timeout is the default (20min). <BR><BR>Ideally, I&#039;d like to recieve a request from a user for the page, find the lock, find that the locker is no longer interested in the page and release the lock for the new user.<BR><BR>any ideas?<BR>

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    Default You can't.

    You can&#039;t force an action on the client. The client must request it. If you want it to request periodically (every 10 seconds or something), use JS to refresh a hidden Iframe or something.<BR><BR>Also, you can&#039;t tell whether or not a given session ID is currently "connected". You could try and trap it using Session_OnStart and Session_OnEnd, but it&#039;s not very reliable.<BR><BR>Craig.

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