Photoshop screws my *.asp extensions

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Thread: Photoshop screws my *.asp extensions

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    Default Photoshop screws my *.asp extensions

    Photoshop 5.5 has done something extremely selfish... IT STOLE THE ASP EXTENSION!!! I know that there has to be somebody out there who has Photoshop and uses ASP. Can somebody please help me fix this problem? <BR><BR>I&#039ve already done the shift + F10 to do the open with thing, but that&#039s not good enough. I want to customize my ASP extension but I can&#039t! Please help me out.<BR><BR>Brendan<BR>

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    open regedit go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and find .asp<BR>change the default back to asp file

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    if you&#039re using windows, go to start, settings, folder options<BR>choose file types, and that will show you all the file extensions and what they are associated with. you can customise it from there. <BR>If anyone knows any good ASP shopping cart tutorials, please email me!<BR>thanks!

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