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    Can&#039t query an access db using dates. I want to search for all records that are 14 days old:<BR>dim myDate<BR>myDate=Now()<BR>myDate=Now()<BR>myDate=F ormatDateTime(gek(2),2)<BR>myDate=CDate(gek(2)) <BR>myDate=gek(2)-14<BR>myDate=CDate(gek(2))<BR>&#039This gives me the date 14 days ago but when I query the database: (field type is Long Date)<BR>SELECT * FROM tblMine WHERE updDate=CDate(" & gek(2) & ")<BR>I get nothing but also tried:<BR>SELECT * FROM tblMine WHERE updDate=" & gek(2) & "<BR>Nothing. I also tried using the SQL DateDiff Function:<BR>SELECT * FROM tblMine WHERE DateDiff(DAY,updDate,GETDATE())=14<BR>But Access keeps kicking an error saying GETDATE was an undefined function - I&#039ve used in in SQL<BR><BR>There are records that match the query - what is the proper format, please?<BR>Thanks

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    In Access, you must wrap dates with # characters.<BR><BR>Example:<BR>SELECT * FROM tblMine WHERE updDate=CDate(#" & gek(2) & "#)"<BR>

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