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    I have created a login and password page, how do I make pages secure in such a way that users can&#039;t enter the page into the address bar, they have to login first.I&#039;m using asp ADO, SQl server 2000<BR>Any help or code would be much appreciated please.i&#039;m new at this stuff

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    not sure if this is what you&#039;re looking for;<BR><BR>IN your login action page: somthing like this<BR><BR>if password=real_password then <BR> Response.cookies("adminpanel")="whatever"<BR> Session("useradmin")=username<BR> else<BR>Response.redirect "admin.asp?retry=password"<BR>end if <BR><BR>On the other pages you check for the session obj:<BR>&#060;%if session("useradmin")= "" then <BR>response.Redirect("admin.asp")<BR>end if<BR>%&#062;

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