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    Hello All!<BR><BR><BR><BR>1. Does anyone know whether it is possible to derive a value of a field from the value of another field. Let&#039;s say: account_balance = $50.00, then mega_bucks = 5 ( 1/10 of account_balance value) (same table).<BR><BR>2. How can I find out whether a field or a record exists. Let&#039;s say I have two tables CUSTOMERS and FAVORITES. Not all customers have favorites. So when I display customer summary of personal info and his favorites, I get this, if cusomer doesn&#039;t have records in FAVORITES. <BR><BR>" ADODB.Field error &#039;800a0bcd&#039; <BR><BR>Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted; the operation requested by the application requires a current record. <BR><BR>/cus_info.asp, line 111 <BR> <BR>3. Can you point out any helpful sites for designing a simple e-commerce application with ACCESS and ASP/VBScript (examples, tutorials)<BR><BR>THANK YOU IN ADVANCE<BR><BR>

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    (1)<BR>UPDATE yourtable SET mega_bucks = account_balance / 10 WHERE someIDfield = NNN<BR><BR>If you want to do it to all records in the table, leave off the WHERE part.<BR><BR>(2)<BR>Set RS = yourConnection.Execute( yourSQL )<BR>If RS.EOF Then<BR> Response.Write "No favorites for this customer"<BR>Else<BR> ... show the favorites ...<BR>End If<BR><BR>If you mean that you are doing all this with one query and one recordset, then you will have to use a LEFT JOIN instead of an INNER JOIN to combine the tables. Something like:<BR> SELECT * FROM Customers LEFT JOIN Favorites ON Favorites.custID = Customers.custID<BR> ...<BR><BR>

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