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    I have a framed website ( http://localhost/mysite ). Within the frameset I redirect to the order process ( action="https://localhost/mysite/order.asp" which uses SSL. <BR><BR> I know that SSL is working on the page ( right click on frame and I see the certificate) and the reason it does not show is due to http URL of the frameset mentioned above. <BR><BR>Is there any way to force the security window or browser to show that it is secure? If not, are there major performance issues if I just make the entire site secure (https://localhost/mysite)? <BR><BR>Thanks for any help or advice

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    Default I don't think there is a way... force the padlock to show in the browser when having the SSL secured page in a frame. I had the same problem a while back and couldn&#039;t come up with a solution.<BR><BR>There shouldn&#039;t be much of a performance issue with making the entire site secure, only a minor one.<BR><BR>However, have you thought about opening the SSL page in a new, separate window? That&#039;s how I ended up doing our site. I know that opening a new window isn&#039;t the best way of designing a site, but if it&#039;s simply to process credit card details or similar sensitive information, I&#039;m sure the user won&#039;t mind.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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