I have the following query. In this query you can see the Parent_Title_ID...for that Parent_Title_ID, there can be one or more Service_Name&#039;s and Service_ID&#039;s. What I want to do is display this in a parent/child type relationship, but when i loop through, it obviously give me the Parent_Title every time it gives me the Service_Title. Is there a way to do this in one Query? Or do I have to write one to get the parent? and another to get the child? Any thoughts? Thanks alot for taking a look.<BR><BR>sSQL = "SELECT BrokerService.Service_Name, FileBrokerService.Service_Complete_YN, FileBrokerService.Notes," & _<BR> " FileNumber.File_Number, FileNumber.Closing_Date, ParentTitle.Parent_Title_Name," & _<BR> " ParentTitle.Parent_Title_ID" & _<BR> " FROM BrokerService INNER JOIN" & _<BR> " FileBrokerService ON BrokerService.Broker_Service_ID = FileBrokerService.Broker_Service_ID" & _<BR> " INNER JOIN" & _<BR> " FileNumber ON FileBrokerService.File_ID = FileNumber.File_ID" & _<BR> " INNER JOIN" & _<BR> " ParentTitle ON BrokerService.Parent_Title_ID = ParentTitle.Parent_Title_ID" & _<BR> " ORDER BY ParentTitle.Parent_Title_ID"