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    I created a survey site before using Classic ASP. The site has 9 pages and I used hidden fields to pass the values from page to page. On the last page, the user hits submit and that&#039;s when the record is inserted into a SQL Server db.<BR><BR>To convert this using, I plan to do the following:<BR>- create just one page and use panels to show/hide the pages<BR>- the page would be huge. would this affect performance?<BR>- since all the values would be gathered from one page, I don&#039;t need hidden fields. txtField.txt should allow me to grab the form values, correct?<BR>- would it be a good idea to save the page values to the db when I hit next to the next page? That is, I would do insert after the first page, return the new record index, and do an update from the on?<BR><BR>I don&#039;t have much experience with .net and this conversion would give me a good exposure to it. Thanks for your suggestions.

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    1. Creating 1 page using show/hide is a very convenient method that .NET offers. I like it.<BR><BR>2. Naturally the more fields per/page the larger the file, especially after the user data has been gathered. So, yes it will certainly have an adverse effect on performance. You&#039;ll want to determine who the clients are and whether or not they can tolorate it. For instance, if it&#039;s designed for an Intranet then the file/page size might not be such an issue. On the other-hand, if all that data has to be transported across the Internet through dial-up connections, you&#039;d have a problem, or at least an upset user.<BR><BR>3. txtField.text will obtain the values for you.<BR><BR>4. It can be dangerous to write values to the DB from page to page since you&#039;re not guaranteed that the user will complete the survey, therefore you could end-up with a lot of orphaned data. You also must consider that most often the user can go back to the previous page and click on "Next" again, which might duplicate data quickly. You could write this data to a temp table and program in a few checks... kind of a pain, just depends on the size, importance, and budget of the project.<BR><BR>If you do write values from "Page 1" to "Page 2" you might consider turning off "ViewState" on those controls in order to improve performance.<BR><BR>Jeff Widgren<BR><BR>

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