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    I created an application in VB that receives messages that are broadcasted in on a specific socket and then performs certain tasks based on those messages. I need to convert this into a web application. <BR>I&#039;ve created a vbscript example and although I can receive some messages, the problem I&#039;m having is getting the application to constantly receive and process the messages. The only way I can think of is to use Java.<BR>Is there a way to constantly receive and display these broadcasted messages in asp/vbscript (since the screen doesn&#039;t refresh as java would), or is there another way to accomplish this using other software (other than java).<BR>If anyone has a link to some info relating to this, that would be helpful also.<BR>Thanks

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    Default Can't use TCP with ASP

    You can retrieve information, or send it, but you can&#039;t handshake or anything... UDP is the only thing from ASP.<BR><BR>Otherwise, you can do a COM object and pass the information back to ASP if you need to as well.

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