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    I created a user control called "Log.ascx" and registered it in my login page called "MainPage.aspx".<BR><BR>In my control I included an hyperlink to the "Registration.aspx" page that new user could call to fill up to register in the site.<BR><BR>When I click on this link I am I not redirected to the "Registration.aspx" page, because the RedirectFromLoginPage method keeps me on my "MainPage.aspx". I am only redirected to the desired page if I enter valid credentials, which a new user obviously could not provide.<BR><BR>How can I solve this issue? Thanks for helping.<BR><BR>Pascal

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    If you are using forms authentication for ASP.NET application as a whole, you can set the authentication mode only in WEB.CONFIG file. <BR><BR>Saying this, you don&#039;t have to force password protect everypage, just the directories you want. So, set a directory in Web.config file that you want to let annoumous users to have access to.

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