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    Hi I was just wondering, is there any way i can manipulate the value of the recordset ( ie.multiply the value by 2 ) and then output this value.<BR>The recordset that i have created returns one value - i want to multiply this "rate" value by 2 to get the total this possible.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> <BR> sqlrate = "SELECT Rate FROM Rate WHERE Space_ID = &#039;"&space&"&#039;" <BR> Set rate = objConn.Execute(sqlrate)<BR> Response.Write("Rate:€")<BR> Do While Not rate.eof<BR> Response.Write rate("Rate")<BR> rate.movenext<BR> Loop<BR> Response.Write("an hour")<BR><BR>any ideas??<BR><BR>

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    it&#039;s quite possible<BR><BR>sqlrate = "SELECT (Rate * 2) Nrate FROM Rate WHERE Space_ID = &#039;"&space&"&#039;" <BR>Set rate = objConn.Execute(sqlrate)<BR>Response.Write("Rate: ")<BR>Do While Not rate.eof<BR>Response.Write rate("Nrate ")<BR>rate.movenext<BR>Loop<BR>Response.Write( "an hour")

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