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    Hi Bill,<BR><BR> I want to build our own(domain)web base email system like Hotmail/Yahoo, exactly not like this[hotmail/yahoo] but in order to attract some users to visit my site frequently. Could you please forward me or let me know if there is any example you had like this.<BR> <BR>Best Regards,<BR>Yours Friend,<BR>Tanveer <BR><BR>

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    Default lol .. bit lazy ? (eop)


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    Yeah Oli!<BR><BR>What to say, waht not to say :))))<BR><BR>Okay let me guide him to some short cuts,<BR><BR>get to and look for some POP3 component,<BR>download it and view the samples and the main thing is:<BR><BR>YOU HAVE TO BE AN ACTIVE DEVELOPER TO DO SOMETHING.<BR><BR>:))))<BR>Just to close,<BR>Happy Programming!<BR><BR>

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