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    I have a table that I am allowing the user to reorder and add items to. I do not want to post back the form each time they do this so I&#039;ve added a set of client scripts to do this. It all works fine except when I click submit, I want to read the rows in this table.<BR><BR>Ttable is updating like it should, but when I postback, the table rowcount is always 0, even though when I view the table on the page, there are clearly more than 0 rows. <BR><BR>What in the world is going on? There must be a simple way to change data in a table clientside and still have access to these changes to these modifications during postback. <BR><BR>Any ideas on how to do this?

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    sure, store the data some other, readable way, perhaps a set of javascript arrays. then use those to generate the table. don&#039;t expect to read it all back easily.

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