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    Very delighted to learn so much from the post below. <BR>recently, I uploaded a project to the server, but unfortunately, I found that a message pop up when enter the site, it says "/aspnet_client/system_web/1_0_3705_288/WebUIValidation.js is missing in the server". I tried to contact the administration of that host, but the response said I need to upload such a file to the server, but actually, it doesn&#039;t work.<BR>Could any one tell me that is it the problem of the server itself or the code of mine?<BR>Cheers,<BR>Donna

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    Check if the file WebUIValidation.Js is present in the proper folder or not. When we create a new web project this file does not always gets copied to the path aspnet_client/system_web/1_0_3705_288/ or whatever. This file is basically used if u are using the validator controls on ur page. Check for the file in the path that is mentioned in the error and put the file there.

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