Can I create my own SSL Certificate?

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Thread: Can I create my own SSL Certificate?

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    I have my own server and want to have a secure<BR>server on it, but don&#039;t really want to pay VeriSign or<BR>Thawte. Is there anyway I can create certificates that will display my information (like VeriSign does) on users web<BR>browsers. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>K

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    Look into Microsoft Certificate Server<BR><BR>;en-us;288897<BR><BR>FYI, most browsers will not automatically trust certificates not issued by one of the major companies and will prompt the user to decide if they should accept it. <BR><BR>I for one, would NOT trust a certificate issued from the same people operating the website I was visiting, because one of the main reasons for certificates is to validate that the people operating the website you are visiting are in fact who they say the are, and have proven their identity to a reputable third party. I would install Microsoft Certificate Server **only for testing** your code internally, and then use Verisign for the actual production website.

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