Hi Guys!<BR><BR>Here are my two queries..I am planning to club that into one query. can anyone help me out..I am trying for the past 4 hrs..its giving incorrect syntax near as (from the secord query)If I try to run these two seperately they are working abs fine..<BR><BR>pls help<BR><BR><BR>select P.Project_ID,P.PROJECT_TITLE,CT.CLIENT_TYPE,CD.CLI ENT_DIV,B.BUSINESS,P.ECONOMIC_BUYER,P.FY,PL.PL_DES CRIPTION,P.GPS_CONTACT_NAME,(CASE P.MOU_CONFIRMED WHEN 1 THEN &#039;Yes&#039; WHEN 2 THEN &#039;No&#039; WHEN 3 THEN &#039;Not Required&#039; END),P.MOU_CONFIRMED,CM.COUNTRY_NAME FROM PROJECT_MASTER P,CLIENT_TYPE CT,CLIENT_DIV CD,BUSINESS B,PRODUCTLINE PL,COUNTRY_MASTER CM,PROJECT_COUNTRY PC WHERE PC.COUNTRY_ID=CM.COUNTRY_ID AND P.CLIENT_TYPE_ID=CT.CLIENT_TYPE_ID AND P.CLIENT_DIV_ID=CD.CLIENT_DIV_ID AND B.BUSINESS_ID=P.BUSINESS_ID and P.Productline_id=PL.productline_id and P.MASK=0 ORDER BY P.Project_ID <BR><BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT P.*, CASE (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Project_Country WHERE Project_Id = P.Project_Id) <BR> WHEN 1 THEN CM.Country_Name <BR> WHEN 0 THEN &#039;n/a&#039; <BR> ELSE &#039;Global&#039; END as Country <BR>FROM Project_Master P <BR>LEFT OUTER JOIN Project_Country PC ON PC.Project_Id = P.Project_Id <BR>LEFT OUTER JOIN Country_Master CM ON PC.Country_Id = CM.Country_Id