I am trying to create a form where the user can email the contents of the form and attach a file from their local PC using CDONTS and the code below:<BR><BR>objCDO.AttachFile("C:DATAfilename.ex t")<BR><BR>But, I receive the following error message (and the email is not sent):<BR><BR>error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>Unspecified error <BR><BR>identified for the line of code with the AttachFile method. I&#039m running IIS 4, NT Service Pack 4 (or 5), CDONTS 1.2, MDAC 2.1.<BR><BR>The folder on the local PC is shared with the World and the Web Server is running with anon or no authentication.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>lisa.gonzales@blueshieldca.com <BR><BR><BR>