I want to be able to do mail merges in MS Word using the data store on my remote web server. The remote data store might be MS Access, and it might be SQL Server.<BR><BR>How much code is involved in setting this up?<BR><BR>The data store will be the database that underlies my ASP web application that customers use to interact with my employer&#039;s business over the web. I just want to be able to send snail mail to these people too, but without having to have redundant databases. It would be nice to simply have one database on the web server that runs the whole business, and to let the web hosting company worry about keeping it backed up. (Or back it up myself in a separate process, etc., but without redundant production databases.)<BR><BR>Is mail merge in MS Word from a remote database a matter of using wizards, or does it involve programming?<BR><BR>From the little I have seen, it seems like I might be able to specify a connection string to the remote data store and then specify a table in that remote data store and then map fields in the table to fields in the Merge file in MS Word. Is it this simple? Something I can do without programming so long as I get the connection string right?<BR><BR>Also, what about saving specific queries? So that non-technical people in marketing can mail merge to only specific subsets of customers rather than to the entire customer base? For example, a marketing manager might want to send a snail mail brochure to only those customers who have bought a specific product. If I write a query in SQL like I would for an ASP script, where do I put that query? Does it go into a dialog box somewhere in MS Word&#039;s mail merge wizard? Or do I need to write a vb file on the local computer?<BR><BR>This gets complicated because the local computers are Macintosh systems running MS Office, while the web server is a Windows Server. It would be nice and sweet if all these variables could be input into an MS Word wizard that works on the Macintosh version of MS Word as well as it would work on a Windows version of MS Word.<BR><BR>Can anyone shed some light on what I need to do to accomplish these deliverables?<BR><BR><BR>