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    i&#039;m writing a login authentication com using VB for my asp application.<BR>I&#039;m using the following code for checking if the login details match the entries in the db, now how can i get the values on the asp page, or redirect the user to the next page if the login details are right or redirect him back to the login page, if the login details are incorrect<BR><BR>If RS.EOF = True Then <BR> checkuser_pass = False<BR> mvarisValid = False<BR> Else<BR> checkuser_pass = True<BR> mvarisValid = True<BR> mvarcust_id = RS.Fields(1).Value<BR> mvarloginID = RS.Fields(0).Value<BR> End If

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    Default Are you passing...

    .. these values to the ASP page?<BR><BR>Or, what?

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    To call an asp page from the VB applicationtry using the Wininet API

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