Hi, I&#039;ve recently started a job doing what I normally do, graphic and web design. However, I&#039;ve also been assigned tech duties for all computers as well as the NT server/SQL server. I&#039;ve done some minor server admininistration stuff in the past, i.e. user permissions, setting up webs, SSL certs, but I can see having to learn more now since I&#039;m in charge of it all. Can anyone tell me some good books to read for NT and SQL server administration? Also, besides here are there any other good online resources for these types of things? NT, SQL and ASP. 4guys has been my only resource to this point and I like it alot, but much of the stuff I&#039;m doing now isn&#039;t just asp related. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Oh and by the way, we&#039;re using NT 4 and SQL 8.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Wil<BR>