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    Hi all, I have been struggling to get my IIS 5 up and running. I finally got a breakthrough this mourning. I found that the "html" pages will work but the "asp" pages will not work. Has anyone ever encountered a problem where "html" pages will run on an iis 5 but "asp" files will not. I have reinstalled iis 5 about 5 times now and nothing seems to work. I have read alot of articles and nothing seems to fit my exact situation. Now i am forced to call to bring out the big guns, "4guysfromrolla" . Also, just FYI, when i access the site using http://machinename or http://ipaddress the website will come up (html, not asp). But if i use http://localmachine, the html pages wont come up, it just says "http 404 error file not find" if that would help in resolving this matter also, weird thing, under the "web site" tab in the site properties, only "all unassigned" shows up, not the ip address in the ip address drop down box. Weired, all the iis 5&#039;s i have seen have had the ip address and the all unassigned in the drop down box.<BR>:&#062;

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